Friday, December 13, 2013

a giveaway, an ending, and a change of address, too

how better to end a blog than to collaborate with one of the lovely blogging ladies i met back at the beginning?  sadie and i are giving away some handmade treasures over at her blog, sadiedeluxe
she is offering one of her rad dreamcatchers (seen below) while i am offering a pair of leather + porcupine quill earrings and a hand stamped repurposed leather medicine pouch.
please enter through december 21 (solstice!) at sadiedeluxe

and i haven't decided to quit blogging completely...i just wanted a fresh start to go along with my new label name, so i hope you will visit me at :
thank you soo much <3 p="">

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

next show, new name

this Sunday is the Nevada City Craft Fair. it will be my last show of the year, and the first show using a new label name:  HEXEREI 
i will bring both my handmade goods as well as a nice, fat rack of vintage treasures that i have been saving just for the occasion. hope to see you there.

Friday, August 30, 2013

august was

 a love letter to the river the rocks the log people
i have cartwheeled on the banks of the yuba

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

muse // the goat lady

"see, i think there's a plan. there's a design for each and every one of us. you look at nature: bird flies somewhere, picks up a seed, shits it out, plant grows. bird's got a job, shit's got a job, seed's got a job"

i just revisited the [film] "Cold Mountain"
the goat lady!?!
her home, her salve, her mettle, her belt....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

travel diary // gone north

up north
we hit portland for the portland zine symposium
i am still thinking of all the zines we left behind (why didn't i just get them when i had the chance!?) but two talented ladies whose work i did bring home were Magda Boreysza (left) and Kione Kochi (right, the unschooling zine being quite timely for us). i am sure that my kids and husband could add at least a dozen more names to the list of folks whose work we enjoyed and brought home, but for now they are holding tight onto their own pzs stashes...
of course we had to stop by voodoo doughnuts before leaving town (they were a sponsor of the pzs, after all)

down the road apiece we stayed at the curly redwood lodge for some rest before heading out to enjoy del norte county's natural wonders; the motor inn was, appropriately enough, built from a single redwood tree back in the 50s (and still boasts midcentury charm, too-- fyi voodoo doughnuts do not come with a room there)

jedidiah smith redwoods state park

my husband recently read wild trees by richard preston, which included accounts of jedidiah groves, so he reveled in the moment

tolowa dunes state park woods

tolowa dunes state park beach
the road home: a roadside bouquet growing near lord ellis pass and murals outside willow creek pharmacy (where they apparently carry happy medicine)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

endless summer

and i was just telling s&j that i wasn't posting selfies anymore!
if only it were endless (maybe), and if only it was all rivers, plants, and bugs.
around here it is also always about vintage, so we will see you out at alameda pointe for the antique faire this sunday, august 4. i have some great estate-fresh goodies (leather, military, more) and i am breaking out fall stuff, too. happy hunting (and happy high summer)!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


 enid & edgar currently has a mini collection of fhf necklaces and earrings in stock. 
visit their shop at 307 spring street, nevada city, ca 95959

and new pieces are being added to the fhf etsy shop, too :-)